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Tool Kit

Tool Kit

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Take care of your candles with this luxurious candle care set. Our 3 piece set makes for the perfect elegant addition to any home and an unforgettable gift. Each stainless steel piece is finished with a matt black powder coating with our logo etched on the sides.

Set Includes:

  • Candle Tray
  • Wick Trimmer
  • Candle Snuffer

Candle Tray

Our stylish matt black can be used to store your kit and rest your lit candles upon. Also perfect for housing your wick trimmings before discarding. The perfect gift for any candle lover

Wick Trimmer

Wick trimmers are made to trim off and retrieve the burnt, sooty end of a wick after the candle is extinguished. Trimming your wick is one of the most important candle care tips. Untrimmed wicks create a large and unstable flame. A trimmed wick makes for a clean burn and ensures less soot is formed when burning.

Candle Snuffer

The candle snuffer is an elegant way to extinguish all types of candles. Place the candle snuffer over the flame to extinguish. It allows you to reach deep into the candle jar to extinguish candles without splattering wax thus avoiding debris from the wick falling into your wax. A snuffer also reduces the smoke from the wick after the flame is put out.

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